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Comparative Effectiveness Of Prostate Cancer Surgical Treatments: A Population Based Analysis Of Postoperative Outcomes

September 13, 2017

UroToday - Using linked SEER-Medicare data from 2003-2005, we found no evidence of a difference in postoperative or genitourinary complications (including the need for incontinence procedures) or need for additional cancer treatment between patients undergoing open versus minimally-invasive radical prostatectomy (RP). The minimally-invasive RP patients had a shorter postoperative hospital stay and specifically had a lower incidence of urethral obstruction/bladder neck contractures.

Within this large population-based dataset there were more similarities between the outcomes of the open and minimally-invasive RP patients than there were differences.

In keeping with previous open RP studies, we found that surgeon volume correlated with lower odds of genitourinary/bowel complications and lower lengths of hospital stay. Although the timeframe of our study represents the early robotic RP experience, we were interested to find that nearly half of patients undergoing a minimally-invasive RP had their procedure performed by a surgeon who had performed 5 or less minimally-invasive RPs on Medicare patients the previous year. Clearly our study has limitations, as it is a claims-based analysis and unmeasured variables could confound our results. In the absence of prospective, randomized comparisons of RP technique, studies of this and other administrative datasets will continue to serve an important role in the comparative effectiveness analysis of prostate cancer treatments.

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