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InDevR To Collaborate With Scientists At The CDC To Develop New Influenza Virus Surveillance Assay

July 27, 2017

InDevR, developer of advanced life science products, announced its collaboration with scientists in the Influenza Division of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta to develop a unique influenza microarray assay.

InDevR and CDC scientists are working to develop a low density microarray capable of screening influenza A viruses for genetic reassortment. The microarray will be coupled with InDevR's inexpensive, compact ampliPHOX™ colorimetric detection system. This simple yet powerful microarray assay has the potential to enhance influenza surveillance efforts around the globe by providing an affordable tool for public health scientists that do not have access to full genome sequencing. Enabling point of service screening will help to more efficiently track the emergence of viruses like the swine origin H1N1, where genetic mixing occurred between influenza viruses adapted to different species. Funded by an internal CDC grant, the microarray will be developed over the next two years.

"We are excited about this collaboration with CDC that will leverage our combined experience with low-density microarray development, CDC's expertise in influenza surveillance, and InDevR's unique new ampliPHOX colorimetric detection technology. This compelling combination of technologies could greatly enhance global influenza surveillance efforts, which in turn, will provide essential and time-critical information for vaccine preparation," said Dr. Kathy Rowlen, InDevR's co-founder and CEO.