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NeoStem Announces Further Expansion In Northeastern U.S. With Strategic Alliance With New England Cryogenic Center, Inc.

July 16, 2017

NeoStem, Inc. (AMEX:NBS), the first company to specialize in the collection, processing and long term storage of stem cells from healthy adults for personal use in times of critical medical need, has announced that the Company has entered into a strategic alliance with New England Cryogenic Center, Inc. (NECC), one of the largest cryogenic laboratories, to provide extensive processing and storing capacity as the Company continues to expand its services in the United States.

NECC, an FDA licensed and AABB accredited facility, will significantly increase NeoStem's ability to service its expanding Physician's Network that serves health-conscious clients interested in having their stem cells banked.

"Signing an agreement with a renowned partner such as NECC provides further validation for NeoStem's next generation stem cell services," said Mark Weinreb, President of NeoStem. "We believe this is a significant achievement in the Company's development as we prepare for what we believe will be a ramping up of demand by consumers to have their stem cells collected and stored on the East Coast to protect their future health."

NECC will be among the world's first facilities to offer the processing and storing of adult stem cells from healthy adults for their own future therapeutic use. NECC will leverage NeoStem's proprietary processes that allow patients to store their own stem cells for long periods of time to ensure prompt access in times of critical medical need. These cells are considered "autologous" as they are used by the donor exclusively for personal use to ensure biocompatibility.

"NeoStem continues to achieve strategic milestones during this very exciting period of expansion," said Robin Smith, M.D., Chief Executive Officer of NeoStem. "This new facility exemplifies our continued growth as it will provide ample capacity to store adult stem cells from what we expect to be an international customer base. NeoStem continues to execute on its first-to-market business strategy as a means to generate revenues and build shareholder value."

NeoStem's first-to-market competitive advantage uniquely positions the Company to capitalize on the hundreds of adult stem cell-based therapy clinical trials currently underway. As these stem cell-based therapies become available, NeoStem clients will be among the first to benefit from the life saving progress that is starting to be achieved in treating such debilitating conditions as cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, lupus, and many others. These diseases currently affect more than 50 million Americans, a number that is expected to climb due to an aging population.

With collection centers already opened in California and Pennsylvania, NeoStem has begun processing and storing patients' stem cells, collected by skilled and experienced medical practitioners.

About NeoStem, Inc.

NeoStem is a biotechnology services company enhancing the delivery of adult stem cell therapeutics to health-conscious consumers. The Company is developing a nationwide network of adult stem cell collection centers, enabling people to donate and store their own stem cells with NeoStem for personal use years or decades later in times of critical medical need.

The proprietary NeoStem technologies empower health-conscious consumers to help protect their future health by undergoing treatment with their own stem-cells - providing an accessible supply of healthy, genetically matched stem cells for use in the eventuality of illness.

Currently underway at academic institutions and medical centers are hundreds of stem cell-based research programs and clinical trials investigating the use of these non-controversial adult stem cells, such as those collected from donors under NeoStem's methods. As the nation's population ages and encounters serious age-related and congenital health issues, NeoStem has positioned itself as a leader in the fast-growing national trend toward personal "bio-insurance."

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