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New induction programme for all NHS staff announced by Nigel Crisp, UK

October 31, 2017

NHS (National Health Service) Chief Executive Sir Nigel Crisp today announced a new induction programme aimed at all new starters working in, for and with the NHS. Entitled Introduction to today's NHS and developed by NHSU, this short interactive programme is designed to explain the core mission and values of the NHS to new starters. Sir Nigel Crisp has strongly endorsed the programme which has the potential to provide a consistent country-wide approach to the NHS corporate induction process. The programme will be available from July 2004 onwards.

Welcoming the programme, Nigel Crisp said:

"I am delighted to announce this new induction programme. Introduction to today's NHS will bring the core principles of the NHS to life, whilst welcoming individuals into their new roles with the NHS. I have been actively involved in the planning of this programme, which will be updated regularly to ensure it is always relevant and timely to new staff. This is the first time the NHS will have a consistent approach to corporate induction and I shall be strongly encouraging all trusts to use the programme. By having this programme in place staff across the country will clearly understand how we can all play a part in the continuous improvement of the NHS."

The programme was developed by NHSU, in consultation with the NHS and Department of Health, the Stroke Unit at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals (BSUH), Speakability (the charity that support people with language loss following aphasia) and patients and carers. The programme follows a stroke patient's pathway through the NHS from the initial treatment he receives from a paramedic, through to the care he continues to receive a year after his stroke. Available on CD-ROM and DVD, it uses video and audio to engage the learner and information screens to prompt discussion and aid learning.

Bob Fryer, Chief Executive of NHSU said:

"The beauty of the programme is that it provides a flexible learning tool that can be adapted to the induction needs of individual NHS organisations across England. We are looking forward to seeing the programme integrated into local NHS induction processes over the summer of 2004 and we are confident that it will provide an exciting and engaging introduction to the NHS. It will also offer a taster of the high quality, interactive programmes that NHSU is committed to producing and encourage individuals to embark on further learning."

The programme is relevant to all NHS staff from senior consultants to healthcare assistants and chefs. It comes complete with supporting documentation from NHSU and a 'virtual tutor' to guide facilitators at each trust and help them familiarise themselves with the content. NHSU regional teams and local learning co-ordinators will organise workshops and briefings and support NHS organisations in their implementation of the programme.

Delegates at the NHS Confederation Annual Conference were today also able to obtain information on NHSU's additional induction programme - Working for the NHS. This programme will be a valid and regularly updated resource for all employees. It is recommended that once staff have completed the Introduction to today's NHS programme, they follow on to the longer, more in-depth programme, Working for the NHS. Through programmes such as these NHSU aims to encourage lifelong learning for all NHS staff, making them aware of the pathways and development opportunities open to them.

Notes to editor
1. Three key principles underpin Introduction to today's NHS:

We put the patient at the centre of our service

We are committed to continuous improvement

We seek to improve the health of the public as a whole

2. Introduction to today's NHS is structured around the core NHS values. These are:

Equal access

Dignity and respect

Control and choice

Working as a team

3. For further media enquiries or to arrange an interview with Bob Fryer please call: Cherry Shaw on 020 8528 1623 or 07876 211 097
Jo Parish on 020 7282 2869 (Out of hours: 0790 373 7709)

4. For non media enquiries about Introduction to today's NHS call 0800 555 550 or visit the NHSU website

About NHSU

NHSU is a new kind of learning organisation, providing learning and development opportunities for everyone working in health and social care.

It aims to open up learning and development opportunities for more than 1.2 million people who work for and with the NHS and the social care sector. With all programmes focused on improving patient care, its initial programmes include a corporate induction programme for all those joining the NHS, Advanced Communications for Cancer Care, Junior Scholarships to encourage 14-19 year olds into a career in healthcare, and First Contact Care to support healthcare professionals in effective delivery NHSU will work closely with partners, from NHS trusts and strategic health authorities and social care organisations to education providers, private contractors and representative bodies, to deliver learning for health and social care.
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