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The Effect Of Escalating Feedback On The Acquisition Of Psychomotor Skills For Laparoscopy

July 04, 2017

UroToday- The continued need for experienced educators and mentors is affirmed in this report! In this study thirty two laparoscopic novices were randomized to skills training, in an 8mm wide, Z-shaped tracking task, with no feedback (Group 1), buzzer audio feedback (Group 2) when edges were touched, examiner voiced error feedback (Group 3) each time the walls were touched, and with both audio buzzer and "error" voiced by the examiner feedback (Group 4). Ten two minute trials were performed with all participants. Following the training the subjects completed a two minute trial of a simple laparoscopic cutting task, with the number of correct and incorrect incisions recorded. Group 4, who received both auditory and verbal instruction on errors during the skills training, made significantly more correct incisions than the other three groups. In addition, this group also made significantly fewer errors or incorrect incisions than the other three training groups. This study affirms my experience with laparoscopic skills training in the novice laparoscopist. The presence of the expert surgeon at the trainee's side during the initial training in the virtual reality simulator is very important. This experienced feedback assists in defining the correct technique and identifying the errors. More importantly, it allows teaching of how to avoid the error! The teacher remains a key element to the learning process.

Van Fickle KR, Gallagher AG, Smith CD

Surgical Endoscopy 2007; 21(2): 220-224
Reviewed by UroToday Contributing Editor Elspeth McDougall, MD, FRCSC

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